• Iconic Star of New Zealand's Kiwi Culture Show

    Billy Black Woolman

  • Billy Black Woolman:

    Educational Ambassador for the Wool Industry

    Versatile Performer for Hire as a "One Man":


    • Travelling Road Show,

    • Educational Show,

    • Kiwi Culture Show, or

    • Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

  • About Billy Black Woolman

    An iconic character is borne:

    From Years of Experience:

    Aware that New Zealand's pioneer history is fast disappearing, I am passionate about keeping it alive for future generations. With this in mind, I created my stage character Billy Black Woolman.  Billy is borne out of  my many years experience as a  Natural Fiber Severer Technician (commonly known as a Professional Sheep Shearer).  


    My journey took me to the outbacks of Australia, through the wild wild west of Wyoming, USA, to the Berlin Wall and back.  I was involved in a world sheep shearing record where 8,500 sheep were shorn in one day.  I sheared 675 sheep of that lot!  That record still stands today.

    Further Refined &  Developed

    Over the Years:

    I have performed in front of diverse audiences, ranging from kindergartens and school groups to corporate functions, agricultural conventions and fairs. The Kiwi Culture show I developed has been performed for many years.  


    Primarily, it has been performed  for groups visiting Woodlyn Park Motels in Waitomo, famous home of the Glow Worms in the North Island, New Zealand.

  • Billy Black Shows & Services

    Choose the Show that best suits your occasion!



    Humorous Capturing New Zealand's Pioneer Farmers


    • Readily performed in countries familiar with the sheep industry such as Australia, Europe, USA, Canada  
    • Uses common farm equipment available  to  bring history to life on stage.
    • Relevant to many countries in the world.
    • Available for trade shows, conferences, state or county fairs, exhibitions, agricultural shows, corporate meetings and conventions


      Fun & Interactive for Schools



      • An hour-long experience covering  New Zealand's historical development from bush to farmland
      • School children's hands on participation with the Bushman's tools of the day
      • Tactile exposure to the Timber Jack,  log splitting,  and  the grind of a wringer washing washing machine and more technologies use by the New Zealand's earliest settlers.
      • Live working animals: sheepherding dogs, sheep, pigs, bush baby and more. 
      • A wealth of knowledge imparted to teachers as well as students ideal for follow up study in the classroom.


        Authentic Entertaining Farm Show


        • Held at Woodlyn Park on Waitomo Valley Road  ine the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves  area.  
        • Available for group bookings of 10 ore more
        • Accommodation is available at the Woodlyn Park Motels
        • A humorous  show featuring log sawing and explosions, a kiwi bear, and live animals including working a working sheep dog, bull, and pig!
        • Will have you laughing
        • Interactive: help shear a sheep!
        • Translated sheets are available in: Japanese, German, French , Dutch, Korean, Man



        Multimedia Presentation


        Hear About:

        • The Life &  Lessons of  the creator of  Woodlyn Park  &  Billy Black Woodman star of the Kiwi Culture Show
        • Discussion of his experiences as  a global sheep shearer braving strike attacks, and sub zero temperatures
        • How Billy got interested in building a unique innovative tourist accommodation property
        • His triumphs and difficulties
        • The building of the Hobbit Motels at Woodlyn Park
        • The  conversion of a World War II boat & Bristol Freighter Plane into  the Waitanic Ship Motel and New Zealand's first Plane Motel.
      • Testimonials

        Through the years, Billy Black Woolman has had the honour of performing for many institutions and cultural events.

        11th New Zealand Taxi Federation Conference


        “Billy provided the opening performance at our recent annual conference held at the Novotel Hotel in Rotorua; the 11’th such conference I have organized.

        I engaged Billy largely on the recommendation of an Otorohonga taxi operator and I have to admit I did so with some trepidation as I couldn’t find any publicity material or video promos of Billy’s show to give me a “feel” of what to expect.

        I need not have worried for one second, as all of our 160 delegates were blown away with Billy’s inspirational life story that unfolded during a riveting one hour performance, delivered in a typical understated “kiwi bloke” style.

        Billy’s story from farm boy, to many years shearing around the world, to achieving his life long ambition of owning his own farm, to creating one of the worlds most unusual motels and tourist attractions in the world is a story about incredible determination, unwavering self belief and a lesson for us all on the rewards of following your dreams.

        Billy is not one of the all too common flashy type speakers that you often see at conferences and events these days; in fact in many ways he is the direct antithesis with his relaxed easy going delivery that builds and builds via the inspirational content of his story and the almost insurmountable obstacles he overcame in realizing his dreams.

        To any conference planner or event organiser looking for a speaker that is both different, truly inspirational with un unmistakable “kiwi flavour” then Billy is your man.”

        Campaign for Wool


        “In 2008 at the behest of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, I found myself involved in the initial stages of what was to become the Campaign for Wool which had its first public launch near Cambridge in UK on January 26th 2010. In many ways it was a life changing experience which has seen the Campaign grow from a simple but important idea into one of the most successful voluntary promotional exercises associated with farming, natural production and environmental understanding.

        As its first Chairman, I found myself in many countries around the world looking at sheep and wool production and engaging with some fascinating people many of whom deserve to be seen and heard all over the world.

        One of these is Billy Black whose show I was privileged to see in the North Island of New Zealand. A Kiwi shearer with a huge but gentle personality his reputation had gone before him as a person who was effectively a one man educational and promotional entity for the entire sheep industry. Well versed in the whole story of how Mankind benefits from the wonders of sheep, I couldn’t help but be impressed by his ability to put across in simple language the relationship between sheep and man, the symbiotic connection with the dog and the part each plays in creating a lifestyle which stretches back to the time when primitive man changed from hunter gatherer to farmer.

        Billy Black has a captivating way of putting across so much early history as well as the way it has developed down the ages and relates to our modern lives in easily understandable language in a way which demonstrates his incredible connection with farming, food production, the environment and his craft. He has supreme ability to handle sheep and have them appear to be hypnotised into cooperating with him while he removes their fleeces calmly, kindly and with an easy display of superb shepherding which would be the envy of many who seek to emulate him.

        Even so that is only part of the story for he connects with his quite significant audiences with competence, humour and an easy ability to communicate his message. Over the years I’ve seen a number of individuals who’ve attempted to combine education in matters rural with the benefits derived from this wonderful animal while also shearing and handling them, I believe him to be pre-eminent at his chosen craft. He convinces his audience of the fact that the meat from the sheep is one of the most natural, that it is high in the life giving Omega 3, that its wool is the most technologically advanced of all fibres and that while such meat and wool are being produced the sheep serves the other purpose of being one of the best grooms of the countryside and also its most effective distributor of natural fertility.

        Any group of people with an interest in the environment, with natural sustainable meat and fibre production but who also want to be entertained while being educated cannot help but be impressed.”


      • In his own words:

        Billy Black talks about "the why" of performing:

        I'm passionate about preserving the pioneer culture of New Zealand's earliest settlers. I love educating people through the art of performing which involves making them laugh. Who knew education could be such fun!


        As an ambassador of the wool industry, I am also keen about showing the eco benefits of wool. It is a safe natural fibre that can be worn year round. It insulates in the winter and breathes in the summer.


        Moreover, wool is a safe fibre in that it is resistant to fire unlike our synthetic clothing which many of us wear. I demonstrate this by setting myself alight with a blow torch.


      • Reach Billy Black

        There are several ways to get in contact:




        64 (0) 878 6666



        64 (0) 21 405 494


        Billy Black
        1177 Waitomo Valley Rd RD7, Otorohanga
        New Zealand 3937


      • Kiwi Culture Show Rates:

        Minimum booking:  20 people.

        All Prices are Per Person (except family rate) and Includes GST

        Prices (All prices valid until 30 September 2016)



        Child (up to High School)$16.00

        Pre School (under 5)$6.00 (Under 5 years)

        Students$20.00 (with ID)

        Special Corporate Show$28.00 (w - min 20 pax )

        Group Bookings - 20 or more:

        Adults $25.00
        Schools (up to high school) $15.00
        Parent Accompanying School Groups $20.00
        Seniors Group Rate $23.00